Spiritual Counseling & Hands-on Healing


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HANDS-ON HEALING  (Women only)

       Yukiko's technique combines Shiatsu and Sports Massage with breathing and creative imagery. She has merged her accumulated knowledge of over 20 years experience in health as an athlete, exercise/dance instructor, singer, artist, and healer.        

       In Yukiko's session her client is brought to a relaxed state of mind and body with touch and sound. Only in a relaxed state of mind, can the body experience healing. When we let go of our muscular control and our thoughts, stress of our modern lifestyle is released and opens us up to our spiritual nature.        

       Our lifestyles challenge us with various conditions and unexpected events that often throw us out of balance. Yukiko's goal in her healing practice is to assist individuals to apply the experience of our spiritual nature in their everyday living.


Shiatsu is time tested, and one of the most highly regarded therapies in the Japanese Healing Arts. This technique is applied by placing pressure on various points (tsubo) of the body with the fingers to increase energy flow and release the tension that is blocking your energy. Shiatsu produces immediate relief from stress, enhances smooth blood flow throughout the body, and assists the body's natural process of releasing toxins and healing.


$85 for one hour Shiatsu session at Yukiko's healing space (Upper Westside, Manhattan)

$170 for one hour Shiatsu session for house calls (Manhattan only)

Discount programs are available upon request.

Gift certificates available for all occasions .