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Yukiko was born in Yamaguchi prefecture (near Hiroshima) in Japan, and grew up in Osaka. She was raised in a traditional Japanese family where moral education and discipline were firmly in place. Yukiko currently lives in New York and embraces her healing work and practices the teaching of Zen.

As a little girl, Yukiko was very sensitive to others' emotional pain; it felt as though her own. Sufferings of her friends felt so real that she could not go to sleep. When her classmates were picked on, she went to fight against the bad kids trying to save her friends. For her bedridden grandmother, Yukiko sang and danced to give her joy with a hope to heal her sickened body. As she grew up and learned about the suffering in the world, Yukiko yearned to, someday become a healing existence to help others in pain.

Yukiko's father was a master Reiki practitioner. His healing ability was so advanced that he was able to revive a dead animal to life, and to save the life of a dying man in the hospital. He gave Yukiko the initiation of Shiatsu when she was eight. However, her healing gifts through her hands were not revealed until later in her life in America. Yukiko's father was also a dedicated musician.

A little Yukiko first took her interest in physical activity. She became an athlete, and played softball, soccer, and volleyball. Yukiko's interest in the human body took her to the Osaka University of Health and Sports Sciences. There, she learned the functions of the body and deepened her knowledge in nutrition and skills in shiatsu massage. She majored in dance and social fitness, and earned a BA. 

Throughout her life in Japan, Yukiko loved performing. Singing and dancing gave her joy. After teaching in college and communities as a Jazz dance and exercise instructor for several years, she left Japan in 1986 with her final fund raising performance with her own dance company. In support of UNICEF, Yukiko choreographed 13 dance pieces. 

Yukiko now has lived in New York for the second half of her life. Multi-faceted aspects of her life have led her to pursue careers in film, music, and healing, and to work in businesses such as photography, language services, professional organizing and personal assisting. Yukiko still bases her life in the spirit and the practice of Zen. Yukiko's health regimens include meditation, yoga, dance and voice training. 

Throughout her life in Japan and America, no matter what she did, Yukiko could not escape from the thought that she must help others. During her life in America, many hardships her life took her through taught her numerous lessons that advanced her faith and understanding of higher order. Yukiko's gift in hands-on healing was discovered shortly after the 9-11 in 2001. Yukiko received a full scholarship from All Faith Seminary where she studied interfaith ministry and earned a degree as Reverend. This legally permits her to practice hands-on healing including shiatsu and vibrational healing. Following the teaching of the late Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, (the father of interfaith study and wedding, founder of AFS) Yukiko embraces all religions, and served as off-site staff with the Union Theological Seminary under the Spiritual Growth and Self-Care program.

Yukiko's desire to heal others intensified when her home country faced the once-in-a-1000-year disaster in 2011. Yukiko's passion is music, she always looks to explore ways to use her musical gifts in service to others. Among many dreams and goals, her ultimate purpose as a vocalist and healer is to perform and teach in her home country, Japan, as a service to bring hopes, dreams, inspiration and love...and so doing... healing. Yukiko feels deeply for Japan, where she was born and raised. In 2016 as Japan commemorated the fifth year anniversary of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Yukiko pondered on her 30th year in the US. With her renewed commitment, Yukiko launched her YouTube channel where she sends her messages of love and healing along with her singing for Japan. (Love For Japan YouTube by Yukiko

In 2016 Yukiko also began publishing articles online dedicated to Japan. Her first article was a featured article at Hubpages.com. (Yukiko's writings dedicated to Japan

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