" Dear Yukiko, I wanted to thank you for the lovely massages you gave me. They were the Perfect treat - I felt relaxed and pampered. Your touch is so loving and healing. Your loving attention aided me in finding peace. I look forward to more massages in the future. Thank you. 

  - Amy Strano, mother/wife

" This is just to say a great big thank you for the magnificent massage yesterday. I am still basking in the wonderful relaxed feeling. It was so good to meet you and talk with you, too. I hope to see you again on my trip to New York. Very Best."

  - Jessica Riskin

" My job was really stressing me out. After Yukiko's massage, I felt 200 % better! "

  - Beverly Matthis, event producer

" Indeed, your massage was very good for me. My shoulder ache has become much lighter. I most liked your strong pushing down of my upper back together with my deep breathing. I really had the impression of nurturing the muscles with oxygen and of exhaling the poisonous substances. Thank you for your committed and professional work."

  - Jan Rehmann, teacher

" As someone constantly on the move and traveling, I often found myself tired, suffering from bad headaches and nursing tense shoulders. After discovering Yukiko, I found that there is nothing more luxurious and therapeutic than Yukiko's massage. After several weeks of weekly massage, my headaches began to go away, and in six weeks I could see substantial difference in how my mind and body responded to the pressures in my life. My work-involved lifestyle and constant travel haven't changed, but I rarely have headaches or upper back pain any more. My mind is better able to cope with all the pressure from work, and my head feels clearer. I realize that both my body and mind respond to Yukiko's sessions -- not only do I feel physically well-being, but am better able to address stress and negative thoughts. I would highly recommend Yukiko."

  - Binaifer Nowrojee, international lawyer/wife/yoga lover

" No physical therapy can compare with Yukiko's hands on my back. I feel the strength of Yukiko on my back the next day. "

  - Paulita Rivas, lower Eastsider

" Yukiko has the ability to unleash all the tension in my body every time I see her. Her knowledge of where tension is trapped in the body and how to get it out is profound. I feel completely renewed for several days afterwards every time I see her."

  - Sean O'Connor, writer/actor/father

" Yukiko is a master at massage and thoroughly wonderful person. I recommend her most highly. "

  - M. Murphree, upper westsider



" While many have offered temporary relief of my symptoms, none have had the lasting effect your hands and guidance provide. I have left my sessions with you with a more calm and serene outlook and a sense of physical relief that has remained for many days after. My back is straighter and my mind is calmer after working with you. "

  - Marc Silag, music manager

" When we have physical discomfort, we tend to think there is something wrong with that 'part'. Through Yukiko's session, I experienced the Wholeness of my body operating as ONE."

  - Fernando Hernandez, musician/teacher

" You embody pure joy. Thank you for all the joy your spirit and hands have brought to me!! "

  - Rev. Amy Gopp

" Nothing you do is just technique. Nothing is mechanical. It is communicative with body. Every part of my body is reactivated through the session with you. You have a feeling in your hands. When I walk out after your massage, I feel so invigorated -- everything inside me is flowing again, all tensions are away, all energy blockages are gone! And it lasts for two months or more!  I am already looking forward to my next massage! "

  - Dr. Sigrun Kahl

" Dear Yukiko, The first five minutes of your massage set me free. And after the massages felt like I was in a different world. When I went to Thailand, I experienced for the first time that I was finding my own 'center.'  And it's been hard for me to keep that feeling after I came back. But after your massage, I found it again. Your massage is always good for me. I really enjoy it and look forward to the next one!!!"

  - Thurid Kahl, international brand manager, Nivea

" The reason I come to you is because of the experience of the 15 minutes session I received at the Union Theological Seminary. Towards the end when you placed your hands on the 'souls' of my feet, I felt the energy flow as if it came from Earth through your body passing through my feet, and then my entire body. After 15 minutes, I was energetically different. I couldn't help myself saying to you 'I am blessed! I've been looking for someone like you!' I also love the prayer you give me at the end of the full session. I know that it is not what you prepare in advance. It sounds like it comes through you, flowing through you."

  - Meggan Watterson, divinity student & Doula


" I've gone to other body workers, but what they do is no comparison. You treat my whole Self. I come to you to come back to my Self."

  - LaTalya  <her second quote>

" I don't know if it is Yukiko. I don't know if it's Yukiko's style of massage. But after a session with her, I feel more relaxed and focused than I do after any other kind of bodywork. "

  - Molly Ginty, yoga instructor

" I've only had five massages in the past, and Yukiko simply touching my hand for 30 seconds was more profound than any of them, and brought tears to my eyes. "

  - Michael Reed, shamanistic healer


" Thanks again for the great Shiatsu yesterday. My body feels very aligned -- as if I'd spent four hours doing yoga. I also appreciate that your approach is more holistic -- regarding detoxifying, centering, and (eventually I will get this) letting go, as a part of the process."

  - Chuck MacMahon, theater director

" I lead a very busy lifestyle. Each time I come to see you I feel peaceful, healed, centered, and renewed. I took your advice to heart and consciously relaxed and 'let go'. It worked! I learned the importance and positive effect of LETTING GO. Thank you, Yukiko, for all you did! "
  - Lisa Lock, wife/student of life

" Through Yukiko's loving touch, not only did I receive a wonderful, muscle melting massage, I also learned some valuable lessons to support me in my life. - I learned that it's okay to let go and release control. All of my scattered energies came into alignment. In my day to day affairs I give away so much without replenishing myself, and though I've heard it time and time again, in a loving way Yukiko reminded me that it's important to continuously fill myself up until there's an overflow, so that I can have plenty to give from and abundance to keep for myself! Thank You, Yukiko! "
  - LaTalya -- a mother/a daughter/a sister/a partner/a professional/a student/a friend/a special being who deserves this type of treatment!!! "

" Dear Yukiko, I am very grateful for your work that you do. In the short time that I have received your massage, I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually released. It will take time to regain balance, but I know that it will come and that I will feel held by you on the journey. Blessing to you."
  - Maria Marta Aris-Paul, director of alumni relations, UTS

" Yukiko Takemoto, my Japanese teacher, is an awesome person. Not only she is a good teacher but her ability as a spiritual healer are incredible. Most of the people talk about spirituality but the real ones heal silently without letting  us know. Praise be to God.
- Ahmed Kaifi, healer